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The Author with sister Patricia and Aunt Eileen at a social night at Arncliffe Fire Station during World War II The Author (right) with sister Patricia and mate, Richard Thompson at Carss Park
Playing a part in the Second World War School Cadet Sergeant

15 Platoon, D Company, 12 National Service Training Battalion, Singleton NSW.
First Intake of National Servicemen, August - November, 1951


OCS Infantry Post-Graduate Course 1952
Decoy Reconnaissance Patrol - 2RAR Malaya 1955-56 On operations with 6RAR - Vietnam, 1966-67
175mm self-propelled Howitzer of Battery A, 1st Battalion, 83rd US Artillery Regiment, reaching out to its 27km range On operations with 6RAR - Vietnam, 1966-67
Capt Les Peters and operators taking a break - 6RAR - Vietnam 1966-67 Diggers having a beer outside C Company Cookhouse
Infantry Signaller Don Campbell 155mm self propelled Howitzers of Battery A,
2/35th US Artillery Regiment at Nui Dat
Waiting for choppers Moving out from Luscombe Field - Nui Dinh mountains in the background
Shaking out for a patrol A beer or seven - C Company, 6RAR - Vietnam 1966-67

Infantry Signaller Johnny Bartrim, 6RAR - Vietnam 1966-67